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Discover the authentic flavour of first class fresh garlic with La Abuela Carmen.

We are a reference in the wholesale of garlic in Spain and we grow our raw material in our own plantations. With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, our family garlic factory has consolidated its position among the most recognised producers on a global scale.

We are present in all the phases the product undergoes and we guarantee that we fulfil the most important certifications, from organic agriculture to the quality systems demanded by the food industry and which are controlled by our own quality department.

This food safety, in addition to the investment in R+D in our facilities and machinery requested by the garlic growers, not only gives us a position that stands out from garlic producers in Spain but also around the world.

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We are a global garlic producing company

La Abuela Carmen is a reference among garlic producers because of the prestige of its harvest, the conditions of its land and the temperatures of its plantations. Something specific and typical of its location in Montalbán as a garlic producer.

Our beginnings with growing garlic have been expanding to reach a wealth of specific products that come from our garlic business in Córdoba. Among them, you may find peeled garlic, garlic pickle, fried garlic or garlic paste. The only company in the world to produce Black Onion.

We are the number one producer of black garlic in Europe and as distributors we have the raw material required to supply throughout the year. Among all the garlic companies, we have been the first ones to obtain a certification for ecological product and, since 2013, we have expanded our La Abuela Carmen BIO line so that you may enjoy this quality in many more products of our own production.

In addition to being garlic suppliers in Spain and international providers of garlic, we have innovative and exclusive products such as black onion, black mandarin and black lime. All our customers can buy garlic or any of these products wholesale, regardless of their location.

Welcome to La Abuela Carmen, the garlic exporters of reference in Spain and pioneers in the production of black garlic among the garlic producers in Europe.

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