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Why is it said that black garlic has beneficial properties for health?

According to a meticulous study by the University of Córdoba in conjunction with La Abuela Carmen, black garlic is a food rich in amino acids and antioxidants.

The most relevant functions of amino acids are the optimum transport of nutrients and the optimization of nutrient storage, that is, water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. In total there are 20 existing amino acids, black garlic brings 15 of these 20 amino acids.

The amount of phenols and flavonoids present in black garlic is raised, and these components are linked to the antirust power of garlic.

In addition the black garlic maintains the fresh garlic properties such as antiseptic, expectorants, diuretic, antibiotic…

Can I cook the black garlic and the black onion?

Of course. Both the black garlic and the black onion present an ideal sweet and aromatic flavor to season many dishes. They can be used raw and also cooked. The black garlic is perfect to join with seafood, rices or pastas. Use it replacing the fresh garlic or also in combination with this one.

The black onion provides a delightful touch to sauces, sautéed and stews. Also you can use it replacing the fresh onion or combining both.

Can I take black garlic if I am a vegan / vegetarian?

Yes, La Abuela Carmen does not use animal-source foods in its elaborations. In fact our company is certified as vegan for the Spanish Vegetarian Union.

How is fried garlic used?

Our fried garlic is ready to use. Use it as a finishing touch on fried eggs or grilled meats and fish. Just add it at the last moment, just before removing it from the fire. Give your salads, creams or steamed vegetables a crunchy spot. Test it to decorate tapas or snacks. Fried at home, made with only great quality garlic and olive oil, just open and use.

How can I preserve the black garlic?

Our black garlic, both in bulbs and peeled cloves, is perfectly preserved in a cool and dry place, protected from sunlight. No refrigeration required.

If the product you have purchased is Black Garlic Pasta, in this case we recommend to preserve refrigerated once opened.

Can I take black garlic if I am celiac?

Yes. Our products are gluten-free. In our company we do not handle products containing gluten.