Ecological Fried Garlic

Ecological Fried Garlic is our own home-grown garlic, fried in highest quality ecological olive oil.

Tasty, crispy and ready to enjoy. Perfect as a condiment or to finish a dish. Ideal as a side dish, a snack, with eggs, fish or meat. It also gives a crunch to salads, soups or as a final touch to your dishes.

Available in

Chopped, sliced or powder.


  • Glass Jar: 50 grs., 100 grs. or 500 grs.
  • Plastic container: 70 grs. 150 grs. 500 grs. 1 kg. 2.5 kg. 10 kg. or 17 kg.

Sliced (Garlic Chips):

  • Plastic container: 70 grs. 250 grs. 500 grs. 1.5 kg. 5 kg or 8 kg.


  • Plastic container: 10 kg.