Ecological Black Garlic is made from our own home-grown ecological garlic. It is aged through a natural maturation process. Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled and no additives nor conservatives are used. This garlic is deliciously sweet, with slight hints of spice and liquorice.

During this transformational process, the health benefits of garlic are boosted. It helps keep your auto-immune system strong and improves cardiovascular health. It is also a great antiseptic, helps reduce blood pressure, aids digestion and is diuretic. Black garlic also contains essential amino acids.

All in all, a Superfood!

Aside from its health benefits, black garlic has become an ingredient in the more discerning kitchens, with its flavour being compared to ‘Umami’, the famous fifth tastes along with the more habitual sweet, sour, bitter and salt. Umami comes from Japanese and means delicious taste, exactly that of Black garlic.

Black Garlic can be eaten alone or as part of a recipe. It combines perfectly with seafood, cheeses, meats or mushrooms.

Available in

Peeled cloves, whole bulbs, unpeeled cloves, paste and powder.

Organic black garlic


  • Small tub: 60 grs., 85 grs. or 400 grs.
  • Glass Jar: 60 grs., 100 grs. or 400 grs.
  • Large tub: 3 or 10 kg.

Organic black garlic


  • Plastic container: 2, 4, 10 or 20 bulbs.
  • Carton case: 2 bulbs.
  • Cardboard box: 250 bulbs.

Unpeeled cloves

  • Paper zip bag: 80 grs.
  • Cardboard box: 8 kg.


  • Glass Jar: 100 grs. or 1 kg.
  • Large tub: 3 or 22 kg.


  • Large tub: 3 or 10 kg.