Black lime is a classic ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. Also called loomi and dried lime, the black lime has a citrusy flavor that is slightly bitter and spicy. It’s ideal for roasts, stews or sauces. It adds a different touch to mixed drinks and infusions and is perfect for giving cocktails a truly unique savor. In baking, it’s perfect in many recipes, providing citrus and exotic notes.

It can be found powdered, sliced or whole. Our black lime is produced naturally through a slow process with controlled temperature and humidity in which no ingredient or additive is added.


Sold three ways:

Whole, sliced and powdered



  • Bag: 500 grs. and 10 kilos



  • Glass Jar: 40 grs
  • Bag: 500 grs. and 5 kilos



  • Carton tube: 40 grs.
  • Bag: 1 kilo
  • Bucket: 3 and 10 kilos