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Our Black Onion

The result is an onion of soft texture with dark tonalities and sweet and balsamic flavor, much more digestive than the fresh onion.

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Why to consume black onion?

1. Healthy and natural

La Abuela Carmen is very strict with the election of its raw materials. We use the spanish varieties reca and french charlota to produce our black onion.

Its ripening process is carried out in chambers that maintain around 65º C and 80% humidity for 65 days.


Black onion is a totally natural product with no additives that is highly digestive and has multiple health benefits, according to the study conducted by researchers at the Andalusian Institute of Agricultural, Fishery, Food and Organic Production Research and Training (IFAPA). Further studies were conducted at the University of Cordoba, determining 53 components with properties beneficial to the body in this food.

2. Gourmet Product

In as little as two years, to consume black onion has turned into a gourmet experience come from the high cuisine, but spread to restaurants and Spanish homes on having extended the culinary possibilities of this food.


The black onion contributes innovation and distinction. Do as the big cooks and look in the supermarket for our black onion to enrich your best recipes.

3. For stews

La Abuela Carmen’s black onion is commercialized ready to be added straight in salads and other culinary creations without subjecting it to cooking, but also it is possible to use in stews, rices and cooked dishes.


As with black garlic, the black onion is a healthy product that gives a lot of scope in cooking thanks to its sweetness and balsamic flavor. It’s ideal for followers of the Mediterranean diet who look for a different flavor.

4. More than 30 years in the food industry

We are world pioneers in the production of black onion and the biggest European producer of black garlic. With innovation, we improve the traditional production processes.


Our farming area in the provinces of Cordoba, Seville and Malaga provides for more than three decades, premium products, recognised by consumers from the five continents.

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